The Story behind the brand…

Petit Retro is a French-Spanish brand founded by a mother of three that was constantly being asked the same questions by her children: “Do I have gym tomorrow? “Mom, when do I play tennis?” “Do I stay at school for lunch tomorrow?” She soon realized that her children would greatly benefit from some sort of organizer. She did some research and didn’t find what she was looking for. So she created her own product “Mon Ardoise d’Écolier Magnétique” (My magnetic blackboard) in collaboration with a primary school teacher. This was the first product of many more to come

Who we are

“I have always wanted to create products that are beautiful and meaningful to children”

At the head of Petit Rétro there is Yvonne. She’s the mom behind this story and the heart and soul of this company. After working for over 11 years as a Creative Director in several advertising and communication agencies in New York, Yvonne decides to create her own company and products. Besides taking care of the product development for Petit Rétro she manages all relationships with clients and providers.

The French incubator “Paris Pionnières” is currently accompanying Petit Rétro in the process of developing an I-pad application for children. More to come soon….

We strive to create products that are:


At Petit Rétro we particularly enjoy creating useful objects and educational toys. We like to identify an issue and to find a creative solution. A good example is our magnetic activities blackboard “Mon Ardoise d’Ecolier Magnétique”. Children have a hard time learning the notion of time and memorizing their schedule. Petit Rétro comes to their rescue. The magnetic blackboard comes with removable pieces and allows children to visualize each school-and extra-curricular activity of the week and to position themselves in time with regard to their daily activities. An easy way to learn to get organized while having fun!



We like to think that Petit Rétro products are not only educational but also fun and meaningful. Our activities matching game “Mon Memo d’Activités” will sharpen children’s recognition and memory skills. Our stationary collection including school labels, notebooks, photo albums and big binders will help children stay organized.


At Petit Rétro we like to join the useful and the beautiful in everything we do. We are proud of the care and thought that we put into everything we do. We spare no expense in the materials we use, the art we commission, or the time we put into every project. Our products are made to last and are beautiful to look at. Our strongest customers are people who appreciate quality and are looking for unique children’s items that cannot be found everywhere.